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How To Fix Cloudflare Error 1016: Origin DNS Error (Step-by-Step Guide) ← Web Pop

What is Cloudflare Error 1016: Origin DNS Error?

“Cloudflare Error 1016: Origin DNS Error” means Cloudflare is not able to connect to your origin server as a result of a DNS issue. In other words, Cloudflare error 1016 indicates that the Cloudflare Anycast address cannot find the DNS record that should be specified in the DNS records section of your Cloudflare control panel.

Even if a Cloudflare A record or CNAME is resolving correctly an external domain that should be included in your control panel cannot be found.

Your IP does not belong to an Anycast route—and Cloudflare can’t find it.

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Why do DNS Server Errors happen?

When an out-of-the-blue DNS error message occurs on your device, it’s likely to be an external problem. This is good news. If the website you are trying to look up has DNS issues, you don’t need to worry. The problem will sort itself out, and you can try the website again later. 

If you’re wondering what might be going on at the website owner end of things, some standard error scenarios include the following:

  1. DNS gaps: The street address (IP address number) of a domain changes when the website owner switches their DNS hosting to a new provider — usually for a better price. The time it takes for all the world’s servers to update the DNS records (in the table routing protocol database) with the new IP address location is known as DNS propagation time.

    This can take up to 72 hours. If you look up that website during this gap, you will not see the website and receive a DNS Server Not Responding 404 error.

  2. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks: These cyberattacks target one or more DNS system servers. The attacks cause any DNS website lookup queries running via that server to back up. If this server is serving your website, DDoS slows down DNS query response times.

For the user, it can take time for the query to find another way around the bottleneck. Worryingly, if the attacked server struggles to re-direct queries and too much time lapses, the server will drop your query, and – you guessed it – you’ll get a DNS Server Not Responding (not found) error on your device.

Another way of explaining this is to imagine each server contains a huge database with the latest records about every website address in the world — but at the same time, every server has to agree the records are exactly the same. This, called the table routing protocol, will flag a DNS server error if anything (including the above two scenarios) causes a mismatch or timeout between any server record held by a DNS resolver (worker) and the corresponding record held by the authoritative DNS (the boss).

Follow these simple tips in order to smoothly transfer your domain name.

  • Make sure that your Admin Contact information with your registrar is up-to-date
  • Ensure that you’ve had the domain for 60 days and that it is set to an “unlocked” status
  • Obtain an authorization code from your current registrar

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12 Easy Fixes for DNS device errors

Why Can’t Cloudflare Get Your DNS Records Automatically?

It can. But you still need to enter your IP address or domain name into your Cloudflare control panel so that the server can quickly and efficiently handle uncached pages.

Otherwise, any reverse proxy issues while looking up your IP address or resolve your DNS provider information will cause the entire operation to fail.

The Cloudflare DNS resolver also acts as another firewall to protect your site.

If the server can’t verify the origin IP address or origin host names, it can’t confirm that the connection is valid and secure.

This throws the 1016 error code to warn you that your DNS records are out of whack.

What is a DNS Server Not Responding error?

To check the IP address is correct, the authoritative DNS verifies the IP address belongs to the authentic website and sends the query back to your device. DNS protocols govern this journey. These are the ‘rules’ that translate website lookups into steps or ‘hops.’ 

  • The DNS system includes millions of resolving DNS servers.
  • Some of these DNS servers take the answer to your device.
  • As long as every server agrees all the way, you will see the website. 

You’ll get a DNS Server Not Responding error if any servers don’t agree.
A quick dive into why servers might not agree will help you understand if you are a web user or a website owner.

What Are Common DNS Errors and How to Resolve Them

In this section, you’ll learn how to address common errors for each type of issue:

  • Parent Name Server Errors ⤵
  • Local NS, SOA, and Glue Errors ⤵
  • MX Errors ⤵
  • WWW Errors ⤵

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Can I fix my DNS Error?

Hopefully, you can see that the DNS server not responding error might occur on your device when your device is functioning normally. This means a server somewhere is stuck on the query.

You can’t do anything but wait. You can visit this handy free website tool, downforeveryoneorjustme, and check if this is a known DNS issue and when it might be fixed. Then you know for sure your device is fine, and you only need to wait and try the website later on. 

On the other hand, if you notice you are getting many of these error messages and experiencing slow loading times, the DNS might be stuck from your end. Think, lots of queries about different websites going to and from your device every day can easily cause a DNS issue — if there’s any interruption to your service or something is wrong with your DNS device set up. 

This is when you can try these very simple solutions below.

What Does a Correctly Configured DNS Look Like

LeafDNS showing DNS Records

You can see 5 categories of test boxes in the image above. Here is a breakdown of the information you are seeing:

  1. Parent NS Tests⤵
  2. Local NS Tests⤵
  3. SOA Tests⤵
  4. MX Tests⤵
  5. WWW Tests⤵

How To Fix Cloudflare Error 1016

  1. Make Sure Your IP Address And Domain Will Resolve
  2. Add Your Valid A or CNAME Record To Cloudflare
  3. Use Load Balancer To Create Fallback Pools

1. Make Sure Your IP Address And Domain Will Resolve

To resolve error 1016, check the DNS resolution of your host site IP address to determine if it can connect at all.

Cannot Connect

Verify that every A record for your website points to a valid IP address.

You can make changes yourself or contact Cloudflare support to create new entries.

For a CNAME record to point to an external domain instead of using an IP address, ensure that the target domain gets a DNS response.

It’s just a few steps using command-line tools:

dig subdomain.example.com

If the lookup fails, you can add the +trace option to get a detailed output with more information explaining the DNS error:

dig +trace subdomain.example.com

If you’ve confirmed that the domain is online and configured properly, you can check whether public resolvers are receiving a response from DNS providers by adding the option @

dig @ subdomain.example.com

You can also use the Cloudflare DNS lookup tool to help confirm that the CNAME can resolve.

2. Add Your Valid A or CNAME Record To Cloudflare

Once you’re sure the site and your Cloudflare user account are properly configured, all you should have to do is double check your CNAME record log and add the relevant records if they’re missing.

More Information
That’s your CNAME log talking.

If you’ve added the record using Cloudflare DNS and you’re seeing an error response code like NOERROR, NXDOMAIN, or SERVFAIL, this tells you the cause lies somewhere with your host or DNS provider and isn’t related to your Cloudflare DNS configuration.


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